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Factory Certifications

No one knows your vehicle better than the manufacturer

Today’s vehicles are complex. Automotive body structures are built using advanced materials and contain various electronic safety systems all designed to keep occupants safe during a collision. If these structures and safety systems are not repaired correctly or to factory standards the safety of your vehicle could be compromised. That is why it is important to have factory trained technicians that utilize factory repair procedures to restore the safety of your vehicle.

The Accident Repair Center has the unique designation of being certified by multiple manufactures such as Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, Acura, FCA (Fiat/Chrysler), and Subaru. We earned these designation’s by having met , strict benchmarks and excellence standards that span customer satisfaction, technician training and certification, shop productivity, tools and equipment, process efficiency, safety and environmental considerations. This means we, at The Accident Repair Center, have the training and the know how to deliver a 100% factory certified repair back to you.

OEM Parts Guarantee

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

The only parts made specifically for your vehicle

In an effort to reduce costs, insurance companies often specify the use of “alternative parts” in the repair of your vehicle.

What are “alternative parts”?

Alternative parts are any parts that are NOT brand new parts manufactured and sold by the manufacturer of your vehicle. These could include salvage parts, which are parts removed from a previously damaged vehicle; OPT OEM parts, which are parts that are claimed to be OEM but are NOT sold by the manufacturer and therefore the origin and quality cannot be verified; and Aftermarket parts, which are parts that are manufactured by a company other than the manufacturer and are made to mimic the look of a OEM part.

Why is it important to use OEM parts instead of “alternative parts” in the repair of your vehicle?

Although “alternative parts” may look similar they cannot match the fit, finish, and performance of a new OEM part. The manufacturer of your vehicle has put extensive research, development, and testing into your vehicle to ensure your safety in the the event of an accident. Every single part on your vehicle works together in a safety system that controls crumple zones, air bag deployment, seat belt deployment, and air bag timing. These systems have been crash tested extensively by the manufacturer of your vehicle. “Alternative parts” have not been crash tested in any way. Therefore, there is no way to know if the safety system of your vehicle will perform in the same way if “alternative parts” have been installed. The only way to guarantee your safety and the safety of others in your vehicle is to utilize OEM parts in your repair.

What does The Accident Repair Center have to say?

Our OEM parts guarantee ensures the safety of your vehicle will be restored to factory specifications and the fit & finish will be top notch. We will never stray from our values and you will always receive the highest quality repair. Guaranteed.

Cutting Edge of Collision Repair

We stay on the cutting edge of collision repair utilizing the most advanced equipment and materials to ensure the highest quality repair